Thursday, March 23, 2006

Starched, Ironed, and Washed

“The Church recruited people who had been starched and ironed before they were
washed.” – John Wesley

We had a plumber at our house yesterday that was telling me what an influential man his boss had been in his life. His boss had come to him at a time of need and gave him a job and a place to live. He helped him get his life straightened out and got him involved in church.

Later, his boss was told not to come back to church because he was bringing in people that were undesirable. The people of the church said that he was “evangelizing” too much. Thank God for men like this, and shame on any church that would turn people away.

We’re all dirty and we all need to be cleansed of our sin. How many of us in the church are starched and ironed, but still have a dirty heart before God?

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