Friday, March 24, 2006

I have asked Gary Dowdy, the Lay Delegate and Mission Chair at my church, to give his thoughts on the Interfaith Hospitality Network. This is one of my favorite ministries of our church, and his response surprised me.

We have been involved with the Shawnee Interfaith Network for 3 years now. First as a search committee to see if this was something we would like to do and then if it was something we could do. For 15 months now we have been a part of an active network. The work of the program is fairly easy. The behind the scenes duties of the program is just frustrating. We have many people and groups willing to provide meals but a very small group willing to spend a night. Those who do, get their hands dirty doing God’s work, the question is do we wash our hands after we get them dirty?
Gary Dowdy

Hopefully this serves as a challenge in particular to members of my church. It did to me.

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  1. John said...
    His complaints sound familiar. It can be difficult to find volunteers at times.

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