Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Help Wanted: Reply Within

I need some advice from the more sophisticated MethoBloggers out there.  My blog looks dull and harder to read than most.  I currently use the MSWord add-in that Blogger provides to update my posts.  What font and size makes for the easiest read?  Any other ideas that would make the site more presentable?  I am to the point that I know I will be blogging long term, so want take the time to make some improvements.

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  1. Gary said...
    Hi Brett!

    I'm not exactly a "sophisticated MethoBlogger", but I can give you my opinion.

    When I stopped here a couple weeks ago, I thought your blog was harder to read than I like. I saw this post and thought about replying, but didn't. This time I think it looks fine. Have you changed something? (It could also be that I'm using a different computer than usual.)

    When I was setting up my blog, I looked at this template, and tried using it for a short time, and felt it was too light and pastel for me. That may be your problem. Not enough contrast.

    At the discussion board where I'm an admin, we have a number of members who are a bit vision-impaired, due to age or other physical problems, so I went through the entire set-up for the board and made sure backgrounds were light (white or silver) and went with only black text. The contrast was what fixed the problem.

    If you continue to feel that your blog is hard to read, you may want to try a different template, with the view to finding one that's high contrast and easy-to-read.


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