Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A move by the International Missions Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) to ban private use of glossolalia is generating some controversy among conservative leaders of the SBC. According to Wade Burleson, the old policy stated that if a missionary practiced tongues openly in the mission field, he would be fired. The new policy narrows the restriction to include private use on tongues during prayer.

I have a strong Southern Baptist background, so I have some comparisons to make to the Methodist Church. The Southern Baptists have pretty much been able to gain a very conservative following. There is not a large liberal movement within the SBC. The fighting over this policy is among fellow conservatives. I don’t know for sure if the policy is good or bad, but it shows that they want to stand for something. They want to know exactly what their missionaries are preaching and teaching.

Because the Methodist Church is so diverse, this type of control is not feasible. Sometimes I feel like the Methodist Church has too many people to please sometimes at the expense of sound Biblical Doctrine.

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  1. Conrad said...
    What I would like to understand is why teaching people how to learn and discover and think for themselves is not considered solid teaching.

    I have been a United Methodist for over 20 years and we have some wonderfully broad educational opportunities that surpass much of what I have seen in other denominations.

    Much of what I have seen in other denominations educational material is more indoctrination than teaching. Methodists are very good at teaching.
    Brett said...
    If I thought truth is tied to whatever each individual person thinks, I would agree with you. Maybe we should be teaching people how to learn and discover real truth as opposed to relative truth that changes with each person.

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