Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Calvinist Methodist

As you can probably tell from my posts, I am a lot more Calvinistic in my thinking than most Methodists.  Most of my Methodist friends think that this is because of my Baptist background. I find this a little ironic, since the majority (not all) of Southern Baptists are free will in their thinking. I remember making one of my college Sunday School teachers red in the face one Sunday morning when we were talking about predestination. He was friends with my parents, and he went to them to talk some sense in to me. An interesting story for another post.

A friend just sent me an email about Dr. D. Martin-Lloyd Jones, who was a Calvinist Methodist. WHAT? Read about it here.


  1. John said...
    A Calvinist?!

    We must burn you at the stake!
    Anonymous said...
    John, I'm like you that is why I have come up with a word for us: Calviminian. Looking at the extremes for proper definition:

    hyper-Calvinism equals no free will

    hyper-Arminianism equals God's limited forknowledge

    We know both of these are inaccurate. However we do have free will AND God knows all things as well. Both are somewhat Calvinistic. So Calvinism is both partly right and wrong and Arminianism is both partyly right and partly wrong. Also for proper Truth a Believer must believe in free will AND God's forknowledge. God's forknowledge being His predestiniation (obviously not in the double sense) in that people have an incorrect definition (or take predestiniation beyond what it actually is). However, to deny it in its entirety is wrong in that the bible mentions it directly.

    What do you think John? I am interested in your thought on this. By the way I like your site. :) dh
    Brett said...
    I do not deny free will. I deny it in the way that most people today use it. A person cannot wake up one morning and just decide to follow Christ and become a christian. The Holy Spirit must be at work in the persons life in order for that person to even begin to have this ability.

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