Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Coming Up On 1000 Visits

This blog has now had 970 visits.  1000 may not be a lot for some, but it is meaningful to me.  It has really picked up over the past two weeks.  Thanks to everyone who visits.  I would tell everyone to look at the counter to see if you are 1000 and send me an email, but I noticed the counter is not showing up anywhere.  I wouldn’t have given out any prizes or anything anyway, probably just a nice email, so who cares anyway, right? If anyone wants to volunteer to look at it for me, I would love a volunteer.   I added the code from, and it says it is there, and it is indeed counting visits.  It’s just now showing up on the page, and I am by no means an html expert.  Again, thank you to everyone who checks in from time to time.  I am really having a fun time with this, and I would probably do it even if nobody reads it, but that makes it that much more meaningful.


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