Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Why Sunday School is Important

Sunday School should be where the Word of God is opened and studied in a group setting.  Sadly, most Christians don’t study on their own, so Sunday School is the only time each week that time is spent in the Word.  The worship service is not designed to do this.  The worship service should be a worship service.  The lack of Sunday School attendance by many Christians, along with the lack of self study, has led to ignorance, false teachings, and false doctrines.  It’s easy to show up for church, sing a few songs, listen to sermon, shake a few hands and go home.  You don’t have to think much.  While the worship service is vitally important, Sunday School and personal study should be as important.


  1. gavin richardson said...
    quite a few things to add to this list. i'd say a prayer life is important. community, accountability, mission, are a few more things.
    John said...
    Very true. We need to revive the practice of Sunday school for adults, which has sadly declined in every church that I have ever been in.
    monkey czar said...
    John's right that adult Sunday School is nearly dead in many churches. I've been fortunate to have great adult Sunday School classes in the last three Christian communities with which I've been associated (well, 2 great, 1 good).
    Brett said...
    I think that most children and youth like Sunday School because they can be around their friends. From my observations, most adults don't really like the small group settings because it makes them a little vulnerable. They are perfectly comfortable sitting in a church service where they don't have to interact much on a personal level.

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