Sunday, December 11, 2005

Our Sunday School class finished a study of The Purpose Driven Life several months ago.  I loved the study, and it did change my perspective on things.  I know that several in the class still refer to it from time to time.  I know that many have the same feelings.  In fact, John recently commented that people bring their copy of The Purpose Driven Life to Church and leave their Bible at home.
I read the following review, and I reluctantly had to agree with most of what was said.  In particular, I agree with the section on The Gospel.  I went back to the book to double check, and the gospel message is never clearly presented.  Our sinful nature, the perfect life of Christ, the cross, the empty tomb, and our need of a savior are not mentioned.
I know that many in the class will not agree with this post, and that is ok.  It took me a while to reach this conclusion, and I still feel like our study was good and spiritually fulfilling.  Since we have been studying the book of Romans, my challenge is to compare the gospel that Paul lays out, and the “purpose” laid out by Rick Warren.  


  1. gavin richardson said...
    i tried out a sunday school at a church a few years back when that book came out. it was a bad time to try out a class as there was much confusion over warren's explanations of spiritual life and the things that the class had agreed on in prior readings. then when they started to call me the resident theologian (because i was on church staff) asking answers to their questions i bugged out for the next 33 days.

    it's helpful for many i think because it is something that tells them they have meaning and a reason for being who they are. i think many need that in a world that is ever populated, a world that gets smaller and smaller with technology.. who is one person among this mess?? so people get down on themselves.

    those who already have a healthy understanding of the gospels and relationship with Christ i have felt get very little from this text.
    monkey czar said...
    I attended a Sunday School class that used TPDL a few years ago. I didn't have a favorable impression of it as Sunday School material. Warren wrote it to be consumed in 40 days. Dragging it out over most of a year was - well, "drag" is the right word. As weekly study, it was thin - and it didn't have the impact that daily reading would have. It's fine as a daily devotion, but I don't recommend it for a weekly group study.

    My 2¢
    Brett said...
    When we did the study, I think we discussed 5 days per week. I really did enjoy it, but I would rather spend time studying the Bible.

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