Friday, December 23, 2005

Christian Buzz Words

There are a lot of overused buzz words and phrases that we use daily.  In the business world, you hear talk about action plans, empowerment, goals, and paradigms.  In sports, you often hear about execution, playing together as a team, and playing not to lose.  In politics, you hear terms such as tax relief, tax breaks, tax and spend, religious right, conservative, and liberal.  What are some Christian buzzwords and phrases that we use?  I’ll start with a few in no particular order.

  • Jesus Loves You

  • God Loves You and Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life

  • Jesus Died for You

  • I’ll Pray for You

  • Just Have Faith

  • Love One Another

  • Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner

  • Scare into Heaven

  • Judge not or You will be Judged

  • I want to Give All the Glory to God

  • Ask Jesus into your Heart

  • Read the Bible Every Day

  • Study the Bible

  • Have a Quiet Time

  • Share the Gospel

Do these words lose effectiveness when overused?  I’m not sure, but I do know that when I hear things over and over and over that I become desensitized.  The next time you hear these words and phrases, make a conscious effort to think about what they really mean.  Some phrases you will agree with and some you will vehemently disagree with.


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