Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Romans 11 and Jewish Salvation

This week in Sunday School we will be discussing Romans Chapter 11.  I found the following link to be very interesting.  I like what I read, although I don’t know what else is taught on the website.  I especially like the interpretation given for 11:26.  To paraphrase, it doesn’t mean that every single person who is a descendant of Israel will be saved.  This goes against everything taught previously in the chapter, plus the fact that most Jews reject Christ.   God does not base salvation on being a Jew; it is based on an individual basis.   The case is made that the passage teaches that all of those of Israelite blood are saved in the same manner as the Gentiles.
This may sound like common sense to us – we are all sinners saved by Grace, but I think it was probably a major blow to the self esteem of the Jews.


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