Friday, November 11, 2005

John Wilks posted a very intersting comment on this blog concerning Unconditional Election and Limited Atonement.  You can read his comments from his blog here.  I have not yet spent a lot of time trying to digest everything that was said, but I like what I read.

If we are born with a sin nature (I strongly believe that we are), is our good work that allows us to have faith and follow Christ?  This would mean we have to have some good in us in order to be able to make such a decision.

To summarize his response, there is no contradiction to believe in our utter depravity and yet believe that we have the ability to put our faith in Christ.

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  1. jholden said...
    Of course there is good in us, we were made in the image of God, sin crept in, it didn't consume us, unless we want it to. God gave us freedom to chose, this is how much he loves us, to let us chose Him.

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