Monday, November 21, 2005

Holiday Grieving

As we approach the Christmas Holiday, I want to keep in mind all of those who have recently lost loved ones.  My father passed away several years ago, and things are just now getting normal again, even though everyone still misses him.  The holidays are a happy time for most, but they are a very difficult time for those struggling with loss.
If you are struggling this holiday season, please know that I have been praying daily that God will grant peace and comfort in the days ahead.
If you need an outlet, you can leave a comment or send me an email.  When dad died, it helped me to talk to others and tell them about him.  It made me feel good to tell anyone who would listen about what a great man of God he was.  Others in my family were the exact opposite and it was just too painful to talk about or discuss.

Follow Up:
This has been more popular with the search engines than my other posts.  I want to post some links that I found that may be helpful.
New Life Ministries
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  1. John said...
    A friend of mine just lost her husband of 30 years. It'll be a very hard time for her. I wish that we were geographically close so that I could do more.

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