Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bring Your Bible to Church

Order the Reformation Study Bible for Christmas.  I received this as a birthday present, and it is by far the best Bible I have ever owned.

One reason that I like Sunday School so much is because that is where we really dig into the Scripture.  You won’t learn a great deal about the Bible from attending the weekly worship service.  That is not it’s design or intent.  However, one thing that I have noticed during the worship service is the absence of Bibles.  People don’t bring them like they used to.
This may be partly due to the screens that seem to guide the worship service.  I’m all for these, and I run them from time to time during the Sunday morning worship service.  Everyone stands in honor of the Word of God, and the scripture is displayed on the overhead as it is read.
While this is convenient, I don’t think it is a substitute for having your own Bible on hand during the worship service.  Even the Pew Bibles are a poor substitute.  I remember back when the pastor would say to turn to a certain scripture and you would hear the pages rustling.  With the overhead, the scripture is shown while it is read, then it is gone.  If you have your own copy, you will probably sit with it open in your lap.  If it is referred to again, you may read it again.  You may even read it a few times if you don’t understand it the first time.  And you might be tempted to read what is before and after the scripture to gain a better understanding.  If your Bible has good footnotes, you may find yourself learning more than you bargained for.
I don’t normally attend church on Wednesday nights.  However, tonight I went and it was a true delight to see a group of people with Bibles in their laps really digging into the scripture.
What do you think?  Are fewer people bringing their own Bibles to church, or is it just my imagination?  Does it really make that much difference?  Can you retain a scripture that is shown on an overhead as well as reading it from your own Bible?  I don’t “church hop” so this may not be as noticeable in other churches.  What about your church?  Is it judgmental to think that people should bring their Bibles t church?


  1. John said...
    You know what's more disturbing? When people bring their copies of The Purpose Driven Life, but leave their Bibles at home.
    Brett Royal said...
    That is so true.

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