Friday, October 07, 2005

Oklahoma State Lottery

Next week the State of Oklahoma will begin to sell scratch off tickets.  Thankfully, the Lottery Commission may be reconsidering allowing places such as Pawn Shops to sell tickets.  The big argument against the lottery is that it is a tax on the poor.  Think of the people that would go to the Pawn Shop to sell their items for lottery tickets.

I am a little torn on the lottery issue.  I understand that it can be addicting, and I understand the families may spend grocery money on lottery tickets.  I oppose it for that reason.  However, when it comes down to it, I’ll probably buy a few tickets each week.  I’ll probably play Powerball when it becomes available.

I know it’s a double standard, and I could try to justify it by saying it goes to education, but that would not be the motive.  I would play because of my selfish motive to be rich.  I really want to hear from others who oppose the lottery but play or will play anyway.  Just because I can afford a few tickets here and there, does that make it right?  


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